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Frequently Asked Questions about Intensives

An intensive can be beneficial for:

- Childhood Trauma/Developmental Trauma
- Recent Traumatic Events
- Chronic Pain and Illness
- Anx
- Grief and Loss
- Attachment Concerns
- Relationship Issues
- So much more...

How many days should I schedule?

This is a great question that has no right answer. Everyone is different. Some clients have very specific goals or a specific issue that can be resolved within one day (7 hours of therapist contact time.) Others have more elusive or complex issues that may require additional time to untangle. This is a great topic to discuss in your pre-intensive session.


Will insurance cover the cost of an intensive?

Woven Wholeness Services is a self-pay practice. However, if you have out of network benefits with your insurance provider, you may request a superbill for the therapist contact hours and a portion of the intensive may be covered. Woven Wholeness documents sessions under code 90837.


When are payments due, and do you offer payment plans?

Either package requires a $750 deposit to book your dates. The first payment of $285 is due at the time of the pre-intensive session. The remaining $485 of the deposit is due within 2 weeks of the pre-intensive session. The full amount must be paid 2 weeks prior to your scheduled intensive, but a flexible payment plan can be discussed with your therapist. The $750 deposit is non-refundable.


Who might NOT be a fit for an intensive?

There are some circumstances where a therapeutic intensive may not be a great option for now. Individuals who are not stable in their mental health symptoms, have an active eating disorder that requires a higher level of care, unable to refrain from substances for the duration of the intensive, and those who are at a current risk of their own safety may not be appropriate at this time. 

Individuals who are highly dissociative often fear that they may not be suitable for an intensive. Disassociation is not an exclusion. Please talk about this concern during your pre-intensive session.


Where are these intensives?

They take place in a town called Old Fort, North Carolina. Old Fort is just 30 minutes from Downtown Asheville, NC and 15 minutes from the small, eclectic town of Black Mountain, NC. The residence that the intensives take place in is a small bungalow that shares a piece of property with Emily's home. The property overlooks an old golf course, that has now been turned into a nature preserve.


Do I have stay on the property during my intensive?

No. You may choose to lodge elsewhere and just use the bungalow as our intensive space. If this is the case, there will be a slight deduction on the cost. If you are interested in additional lodging, please talk with your therapist about this prior to paying your deposit.

Keep in mind that all meals are not included during your intensive experience. Snacks will be provided, but meals should be planned accordingly. There will be ample time given to cook meals and/or eat out with plenty of local suggestions.


What if I want to stay at the intensive property extra days before or after my intensive ends?

This is an option! The space is often rented as a short-term rental. If you are interested in booking additional days for lodging either before or after your intensive, just let your therapist know and we will work to accommodate your plans.


What if I want to get out and see nature during my intensive?

That's what it's all about! Some clients choose to explore the area independently during their downtime to reflect and rejuvenate on their own. Others choose to incorporate the healing benefits of nature during the scheduled intensive time. Clients can choose a therapist-attended hiking or kayaking excursion during their 2-day package as an add-on option. Each of these excursions is an additional $200 cost due to permit and liability fees. 


It all sounds great...but what will we actually be doing?

These intensives are designed to follow your intuitive healing process. We'll operate on a tentative schedule, but mostly let the natural process unfold as it needs to. We'll use a variety of therapeutic tools along the way, attuning to your unique needs and preferences. Most often there will be a blend of expressive arts, Trauma Focused Trauma Centered Yoga, Brainspotting, sound healing methods, and narrative therapy.


Why should I do an intensive rather than just stick to 45-50 minute therapy sessions?

Intensives are more efficient and effective than a traditional 1-hour long therapy session. During an hour long appointment, there tends to be about 20-30 minutes of deep therapeutic work. A one day intensive with 7 therapeutic contact hours will typically have anywhere from 3.5-5 hours of deep processing. That's almost a week's worth or more of deep processing, all within one day. If you're on the fence about what might be right for you, reach out for a brief, complimentary consultation and learn more about what is offered and how to begin the process.

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