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Emily Smith Trauma Therapist in GA and NC


my pronouns are she/her

If you want to know all about my experience, professional background, and trainings, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this spiel. I know that in order for you to do any of this (rewarding, but hard) work, you've got to know a bit about me as a person first. I'm a true-crime fanatic, amateur kayaker, dog lover, and wannabe home flipper. Oh, I also swear like a sailor. So. There’s that. *shoulder shrug." I paint. A lot. So don't be surprised when I show up to session with multi-colored hands. Come as you are, as I like to say.

In a perfect world, I'd be able to surround myself with nothing other than bold, opinionated, resilient women.


I know what it feels like to feel like you're "too much" when really, you feel like you're not much at all. Too loud, too quiet, too sassy, too passive, too eager, too reserved, too trusting, too guarded, too whatever. All you hear is that you're too opposite of what you're supposed to be. You feel some kind of broken, defective, damaged, and you're tired of living life like this.


I help people shatter these beliefs. I want to help you reclaim (or claim for the first time) your power. You need someone to listen without judgement and someone to guide you to your truth. You need someone to help you pick yourself up when you can’t do it on your own and someone to cut the B.S when life has already given you too much of that. I can be those things for you..


I've been serving other humans in some capacity since 2011, and have been working in the clinical realm since 2015. In outdoor programs, young adult transition programs, residential treatment centers, and online, I’ve learned a lot about helping people to get unstuck and do their healing work to succeed, overcome struggle, discover their place in the world, and get what they want from their lives.

Let’s work together to do that for you, too.

I received my Masters in Social Work from Aurora University in Aurora, IL. Yes - I am a midwesterner at heart. I'm licensed to practice psychotherapy in North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia and also registered to practice telehealth in South Carolina and Florida. I have specialized training in trauma-responsive models and wear a very relational, client-centered lens in my work.

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