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I help guide teens and their families out of the woods. It's not easy to navigate school, family, a social life. Maybe life at home as been complicated. Maybe there's been trauma in the mix. Maybe there's been a loss of trust in adult figures somewhere along the way and now it seems like nothing will get through. The work of the teenager is figuring out who they are and who they want to be in the world where that seems to become increasingly more difficult. 

My work with teens puts the relationship first. I understand that for anyone, but especially young people, there has to be a foundation of trust before all else or we won't move the needle even a little. After that, we'll figure out what they're looking for in their relationships, short term goals, long term goals, what their needs and wants are and how to get what they want out of life, make sense of emotions and what to do with them.

When I work with adolescents, I work with the parents too. I know that none of these challenges happen in a vacuum and when every part of the system is doing some of the work, it lightens the load. 

At this time, all services are private pay and facilitated virtually or via phone.

All services begin with a free, 15 minute consultation. During the consultation, we’ll discuss the basics behind what is going on for you and talk about how I can help.

Fees: Session (50 minutes) $230 - $260 | Initial Intake (55-60 minutes) $285

Insurances Accepted: I’m not in-network with insurance companies, but can provide an invoice for possible out-of-network provider reimbursement through your insurance company.


Common Methods Used: Brainspotting, Trauma Focused -Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Expressive Arts Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Inner-wisdom tools such as Tarot, HeartMath, Psychodrama, Internal Family Systems

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