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Transitional Coaching

Often times, when young people and their families are transitioning out of or into a pivotal experience such as a therapeutic program, a new educational setting such as college or a boarding school, or even new relationships such a blended family dynamic - they need additional support in order to maintain their forward movement and achieve their goals outside of the therapeutic bubble. Sometimes, that young person might benefit from seeing a therapeutic coach that gets the world that they came from or are heading into. 

Emily has over 6 years experience in working within the outdoor behavioral health care/wilderness therapy and residential treatment center/therapeutic boarding school/transitional living program settings. She also carries the lived experience of living away from home at a young age, and living within complex family systems and a blended family dynamic. These experiences have provided her with a significant amount of knowledge related to how young people best identify, achieve and maintain their goals and ultimately build their best versions of themselves. 

It can be hard to transition into our out of these experiences and jump back into the big, wide world - full of triggers and temptations - seeing an outpatient therapist that hasn't had the experience that they (and their family) are coming from. It helps immensely to have someone who "gets it" on your team. 

Transitional coaching helps young people and families interpret and integrate all of the progress that they made in treatment and build on those foundational elements in a sustainable way.

Emily provides these services to clients across the country and offers packages that provide additional, wrap-around support including brief text/call/email support.

Fees: 1x weekly sessions with additional text support $245 per 45-50 minute session

intensive coaching support including weekly scheduled session, daily phone or video check-ins, text/email support, and "on-call" crisis phone and text support $565 weekly


All coaching services are private pay only with no insurance billing

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