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Trauma Therapy

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Embark on your journey to flourish with specialized trauma therapy.

Most of us will experience some form of trauma within our lifetime, and it will impact us entirely differently than the person standing next to us. It can come in so many varied forms, different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it looks like a criminal assault. Other times it looks like years of bullying. Maybe your only home was swept up in a hurricane. Or maybe your parent has had their own mental health struggles that have had impact on you for a long time. I often tell my clients, "sometimes it isn't what did happen, but it's what didn't happen" meaning that trauma can also be seemingly invisible. There wasn't a big thing that occurred, or maybe it seemed smaller than it feels, but the wounds are still there.

If any of this is you, you might be looking for a trauma therapist. 

It looks different for different people.

None of this is one size fits all. Every person experiences the effects of trauma in different ways and it is as unique as the individual who has experienced it. 

The effects may look like:


  • often looks like anxiety and depression

  • feelings of numbness

  • easily distracted


  • feelings of anger and irritability

  • impulsivity, sometimes including self harm and risk taking



  • feelings of sadness, loneliness, helplessness

  • flatness, disassociating, feelings of "blankness"


  • intrusive thoughts and nightmares

  • flashbacks and bodily pains and sensations

Now what?

Many people who experience impacts of trauma benefit from a therapist who specializes in trauma treatment. For some, it may not be essential. For others, it can leave the lasting impact you're looking for. We know that psychotherapy can be one of the most significant factors for trauma healing and we utilize a variety of modalities to promote that healing from expressive arts therapy, attachment theory, Brainspotting, and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), IFS (internal family systems) and more.

At this time, all services are private pay and facilitated virtually or via phone.

All services begin with a free, 15 minute consultation. During the consultation, we’ll discuss the basics behind what is going on for you and talk about how I can help.

Fees: Session (45-50 minutes) $215 - $250 | Initial Intake (55-60 minutes) $265


Insurances Accepted: I’m not in-network with insurance companies, but can provide an invoice for possible out-of-network provider reimbursement through your insurance company.


Approaches: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Brainspotting, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Expressive Arts Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Inner-wisdom tools such as Tarot, HeartMath, Psychodrama, Internal Family Systems

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