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With teens, young adults, and older adults

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When "One Big Happy Family" has more wrinkles in the mix than you'd expected..

My experiences working in residential, transitional, and outpatient settings have deepened my belief that every family has kinks in the hose and when left unaddressed, unhealed, unattended to..well, that hose isn't working right anymore.

Woven Wholeness Services values the uniqueness of each individual family member and strives to create a space where, no matter the struggle, skeleton in the closet, conflict, or hurdle that your family is up against, we want to elevate each family member's voice. We want to quiet the chaos of life and get to the root of the challenge. We want to help you celebrate one another and find the connection, affection, and love that maybe has been lost.

Learn more about family services offered.

At this time, all services are private pay and facilitated virtually or via phone.

All services begin with a free, 15 minute consultation. During the consultation, we’ll discuss the basics behind what is going on for you and talk about how I can help.

Fees: Session (50 minutes) $230 - $260 | Initial Intake (55-60 minutes) $285


Insurances Accepted: I’m not in-network with insurance companies, but can provide an invoice for possible out-of-network provider reimbursement through your insurance company.


Common Methods Used: Brainspotting, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Expressive Arts Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Inner-wisdom tools such as Tarot, HeartMath, Psychodrama, Internal Family Systems

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