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The Inner Landscape: Using Chakras in Trauma Therapy

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

chakras in trauma therapy

In the intricate tapestry of holistic healing, the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science has the power to bring sustainable healing to the human psyche. Among these approaches, is the incorporation of chakras from Eastern spirituality and Middle Eastern medicine. We know that complex adversity takes a significant toll on the body, yet many are caught up in solely the healing of the mind. Folding in the time-honored knowledge of body-based energy flow illuminates a path of resilience and restoration for those navigating the complex terrain of trauma recovery.

Trauma, in its multifaceted forms, has the capacity to leave enduring imprints on our emotional, mental, and physical landscapes. From the shadows of these experiences, a yearning for healing and wholeness emerges – a yearning that draws us to the deeply rooted approaches found in practices that incorporate chakras and other Middle Eastern medicinal traditions. This lens pairs perfectly with layered pain that trauma brings, as it offers us insight into the intricate connection between our inner energies and our overall well-being. This supports the very goal of all of this - interdependence of mind, body, and spirit.

The Energetic Epicenters Within

Envision your body as a map fit with interlinked energy centers, each one swirling with its own distinctive flow and vibration. These hubs of energy are known as "chakras" and are woven into the intricate tapestry of Eastern spiritual traditions, particularly emanating from practices like yoga and Ayurveda. There are seven primary chakras within the body and each intimately connected to specific facets of your physical, emotional, and spiritual essence.

We can think of these hubs as our personal energy generators - starting at the foundation of your spine and ascending to the top of your head, these chakras are believed to exert influence over various dimensions of your life – from primal instincts to creative energies and beyond.

Trauma, be it a monumental event or a series of occurrences over periods of time, imprint it's mark upon us often more deeply than what is obvious. It could be the memory of a car crash, the aftermath of a heart-wrenching end to a relationship, or even layers buried deep within the psyche. You may not even have the exact words to describe the intricacy of the pain. Much like the ripples from a stone cast into a tranquil pond, trauma sends out waves that ripple beyond the initial occurrence, echoing through our thoughts, feelings, and even our physical well-being.

Enter the chakras. Picture them as windows into our inner universe. When we're impacted by deep emotional wounds, these energy centers may become obstructed or thrown off balance, disrupting the smooth flow of our life force energy, also known as "prana" or "chi." The blocking of this energy movement can unfold in many different ways. We may find ourselves feeling immobilized, riddled with anxiety, emotionally distant, or even encountering physical symptoms such as illness and chronic pains.

Chakras in Motion: Healing the Wounds

Just as a yoga class gently stretches your muscles, practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing bring alignment and harmony to your chakras. These practices and others nurture those obstructed energy hubs, helping them to rediscover or perhaps discover for the first time, their natural rhythm.

Root Chakra: This chakra is all about feeling grounded and safe. When significant emotional pain shakes this, you feel unstable. Grounding exercises, like walking in nature or using visualization, can bring significant harmony to this essential hub. In trauma treatment, it's widely known that trust, safety, security, is fractured. Emphasis on the root chakra helps to lay the foundation for bringing true harmony to the mind and body.

Sacral Chakra: Linked to creativity and emotions, complex adverse experiences might leave you feeling creatively stifled or emotionally numb. Survivors of trauma of all varieties may experience blocking of this energy center, as it is often considered an arena for joy, play, and freedom. Engaging in art, dance, or any form of self-expression can rekindle this chakra's fire.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Our confidence realm. The deep wounds and pain points that trauma causes can knock your self concept. Your self esteem is diminished. Engaging in practices of self-love, setting healthy boundaries, and engaging in empowering activities can reignite the inner spark of this chakra.

Heart Chakra: Possibly an obvious track, the heart chakra governs love and compassion. Of course we know that trauma can lead to heartache, difficulty engaging in relationship wholly, walls and guards around our heart built for protection and used as a defense strategy. Engaging the heart chakra can lead to significant relational improvements. Connection with others, finding the value of interdependence, practicing gentleness for ourselves and others, and engaging in heart-opening practices can mend this center.

Throat Chakra: Associated with communication, significant emotional scarring might leave you struggling to use your voice. For many trauma survivors, they lost their voice and autonomy long ago, or perhaps never quite had it at all. You might struggle expressing your opinion, or even knowing what your opinion is. You might avoid self expression so as not to ruffle the feathers of others, opening the door for possibly tainting another's perception of you. Sing, journal, speak your truth out loud in the mirror. Unblocking this channel incorporates other energy realms and can lead to such a rooted feeling when the energy is flowing here.

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition central. Trauma can cloud your inner vision, and meditation and mindfulness are just two of many methods to help clear the fog and reconnect you with your intuition. For those who have experienced a great deal of pain, they may not quite trust their intuition, or perhaps haven't heard that inner voice in quite some time or possibly ever.

Crown Chakra: This chakra connects us to something greater than ourselves. Overwhelming stress and deep emotional infliction might make you feel spiritually adrift, unsure of your purpose, hopeless about the future. Incorporation of the crown chakra can include the exploration of your foundational belief system, which in turn cultivates deeper relationship and interdependence.

Guided imagery and Internal Family Systems (IFS) techniques stand as two powerful tools in the arsenal of trauma healing, offering profound pathways towards restoring chakra flow and fostering emotional balance. Guided imagery takes clients on a sensory journey, leveraging the mind's vivid imagery to connect with the deepest layers of our psyche. Through carefully crafted visualizations, this practice gently guides clients through the landscapes of our memories and emotions, allowing us to engage with our traumatic experiences in a controlled, safe environment. By revisiting these experiences within the security and safety of the therapeutic relationship, we can reshape the narrative, process the emotions tied to them, and pave the way for the harmonious circulation of energy through our chakras.

Imagine a cleansing rain, blanketing the suffering and the strain, clearing the channels for chakra vitality to flow unimpeded.

In tandem with guided imagery, Internal Family Systems (IFS) techniques bring an innovative lens to this work by tapping into our inner landscape's abundant parts. Much like a family dynamic within, IFS sees our psyche as a group of subpersonalities or "parts," each with its unique emotions, beliefs, and protective roles. In the context of trauma treatment, these parts often form as a defense mechanism to safeguard us from pain. By engaging with these parts through IFS, we open a dialogue, exploring their motivations, fears, and desires. This process unravels the intricate web of how trauma has fragmented our inner world, leading to chakra imbalances. As these parts integrate and heal, the energy channels within us become more fluid, and the vitality of the chakras finds its course once again. The melding of guided imagery, parts work, and chakra clearing become a journey of inner reconciliation. This mosaic creates a profound connection between all the varied pieces of who we are, who've we've been, who we'll become, and promotes a state of internal harmony.



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