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Life through a Stained Glass Window

I'm a visual person. Spend 15 minutes with me in the therapy chair and you'll find that out quickly.

I often talk with my clients about their lives being like an unfinished, handmade stained glass window. There are really beautiful parts and there are parts that aren't as nice to look at. You can't typically make out all the detail looking through a window like this. You see lightness or darkness. It can be so funny that something as complex as this, when peered through, is often seen in such a black and white point of view. Every experience within our lives adds a new piece of glass to this art. It has the ability to change the shape, change the colors, change how hues dull or brighten.

I work with my clients to examine each piece of their own windows. The beautiful and the ugly. The intentional and the mistakes. The successes and the failures. You might have difficulty seeing the full picture, difficulty making meaning as humans do. Perhaps it's too painful. Perhaps you've learned over time that it wasn't safe, wasn't right, didn't matter.

You may need to take a step back in order to see the creation before you. Sometimes you need to shatter the whole thing and pick each piece up and take a good hard look. Sometimes, you need someone to sit with you in the reflection. A guide to be with you as you peer through the glass.



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