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Gender Affirming Care - Under Attack

New legislation is popping up all over the country and particularly here in the South. Our community members, our loved ones, our parents, our children are under attack. At Woven Wholeness Services, we believe in and fight for health care being a human right for all individuals. Currently, southern lawmakers are passing extreme legislation that bans best-practice medical care for transgender youth. 75% of all trans youth now live in a state where a ban on gender affirming care has been passed.

Woven Wholeness Services is a supporter of the Campaign for Southern Equality and more specifically, the campaign’s latest Southern Trans Youth Emergency Project (STYEP). We know that when gender affirming care is not an option, youth in our community suffer greatly. A recent study identified that over 85% of those under the age of 18 identify as something other than “cisgendered and heterosexual.” This means, that over 85% of our country’s young people stand to face the impact of what legislature in the South is beginning to unfold. When affirming care isn’t available and young people are continuously invalidated for simply being, this leads to greater rates of suicide, great rates of substance use and abuse leading to addiction, heightened states of depression and anxiety, and is often considered experiences of systemic trauma.

Emily at Woven Wholeness Services offers support for LGBTQIA+ adults and youth by providing gender affirming and responsive therapy services to help mitigate some of these risks, even if only slightly. She also writes gender-affirming letters for clients who are seeking gender affirming health care. Please reach out to us directly to understand these requirements. She serves clients in these capacities in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.

- Campaign for Southern Equality:

- The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project:




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