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Therapist, Coach, Advocate | Anxiety | Trauma

You want self-trust

and you feel stuck. You struggle to put what you're thinking and feeling into words. Your reactions to situations aren't what you want them to be and in your mind you know this - sometimes maybe even in the moment - but the shift doesn't come.

You're stressed. Whether it's related to school, parenting, relationships, or work, it feels heavy. You might feel like if you just keep going there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. You'll finally cross that thing off the to do list, and then that one, and everything will work out in the end. And then something else pops up - another fire to put out. Another puzzle to solve. Despite taking it all on, you're frustrated, exhausted, defeated. Maybe anxious or lonely.

You want to better understand how you're feeling and you want the people you love to understand too. You want answers about why you react in the ways that you do so that you can make changes that actually stick. You want to live a full life again - or maybe for the first time.

Trauma Therapy in Atlanta Georgia and North Carolina


trauma therapy for young adults
family coaching and family therapy for families with teens and young adults
therapy and coaching for complex families and blended families

Teens and 

Young Adults



Who is this for?

Typically, when people begin working with me, they realize that a deeper level of diving is necessary to initiate lasting change. They recognize that their past is effecting them in some way - their childhood, past lives, prior relationships - but they may not be sure how or why. And they almost always don't know how to shift it. Most often, my clients have been in therapy before. This is usually where they've learned where some of their challenges are stemming from - the trauma, the anxiety, the triggers, the relationships, coping skills or lack thereof. However, they've realized somewhere along the way that this work was only the beginning and now they're ready to take it a step further. They're exhausted by the cycle that they're in. They're nervous or scared about what starting (or restarting) therapy might uncover. Being gentle on themselves doesn't come easily or naturally. Their body is now or has been telling them that something isn't right - maybe they're regularly sick, they deal with chronic physical pain, they're highly anxious or disassociating left and right. My people are keyed in to the needs of the people around them, while they neglect their own needs and desires. They're honest enough to see these patterns though, and courageous enough to do something about it.


"Life doesn't make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that the better for us all."

- Erik Erikson


trauma therapy for adolescents and adults

Let’s put you back in the driver seat of your own life. Healing, growth, renewal. It all begins here.


parent therapy and family therapy and coaching

We need to live interdependently. It’s not always easy and we’re here to help.


family coaching and parent coaching trauma informed

Exploring communication strategies and developing tools for healthy relationships.

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